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July 2017


A small and dedicated group of learners worked with Julie to design, cut and print their very first linocut.  The results, as you can see above, were quite impressive.  As with many printmaking techniques patience is essential. The design process can be relatively quick, however, the cutting of the linoleum itself takes a great deal of concentration and practice.  It takes time to master the correct angles for cutting and the amount of force applied to the linocut tools.  The group really enjoyed Julie's tuition and a follow-up session of learning the linocut reduction technique with the application of multiple colours will be scheduled for Term 4.

COLLAGE - PART ONE with Rosemary Stokell

A group of enthusiastic members joined Rosemary's workshop to learn basic collage skills that they applied to a number of small scale works, shown above.  Collage is a technique applied by many well-known artists such as Picasso and can add a great deal of interest to a mixed media work.  The group really enjoyed working with Rosemary and requested a Collage Part two workshop to explore collage asan element in a painted canvas.

On Friday, 5th May Helena Hawke delighted a large crowd with her discussion of 19th Century NZ watercolour paintings accompanied by a fascinating slideshow. There really was something for everyone to appreciate and great conversations occurred over the many beautiful art books that she brought along.

On Friday 2nd June many yesteryear brides came beautifully attired in their wedding regalia or bought along their head-dress or elements of their outfit for a “Wedding” themed session. A great deal of fun was had.

On Friday 7th July, Bridget, Bethaney and Moira presented an exquisite session on Lacemaking accompanied by the glamorous “Genevieve” and many precious items.

Our May 2017 walk was in the lower Wainuiomata River valley, in part of the East Harbour Regional Park. A sunny day with a few clouds and not too much wind made for an enjoyable day out.

We got under way rather late as two car loads of walkers got diverted – one went into the Rimutaka Forest Park, and the other carried on down to the sea. They eventually made it to the meeting place, whence 14 walkers set off. Our track led along the edge of the valley next to the hills, where Victoria University of Wellington is conducting a lizard habitat study and working hard to trap predators.

The valley floor has ponds and marshy channels marking former river beds. A small pumping shed, above one of the deeper holes in the river and currently being restored by a local group, dates from WW2. It pumped water from the river up to a bunker on top of the hill operative during the war as a watch station. From there the “long walkers” carried on round the river while the “short walkers” returned to base. The former group successfully negotiated the narrow track along a scree slope above the river, and climbed a low ridge.

Here there was a view of the sea, and by sitting down with our backs to the low bushes of coprosma propinqua we were reasonably sheltered from the moderate northerly wind. Then it was back to the pumping shed and along a different track closer to the river back to the start. A few people then went to check out a karaka grove and possible ancient dendroglyphs (carvings on the trunks of trees). We were not sure whether they really were genuine dendroglyphs. Thanks to Frances and Janet for organising the walk.

On May 19th Paul Stevenson and Annette Charlson discussed the Karori Community Centre at the corner of Beauchamp St and Lewer St. After this we all walked around to see the site and Annette was delighted by the generous collection for resources from the group as well as 4 new members to help with the garden.

On June 16th Jen led a brilliant Matariki type celebration, making waxed seed heads and simple floral arrangements for a time of year when our gardens lack flowers to cut and arrange.

On July 21st Mark Anderson from Holistic Fitness, a trainer who specialises in the 60 plus age group, led the group through a range of exercises to keep the group limber for gardening. With an emphasis on up and down movements. Mary Day will send copies of the exercises on request as promised.