We have a range of Classes and Workshops open to members, and to non-members subject to available spaces. To become a member and receive priority bookings and discounted rates please refer to our Membership information.  Membership also entitles you to attend our untutored Activities

Check out our current Class and Workshop information below.  We have courses for those who want to know how to begin to paint, or draw, quilt, or applique.  

Our range of advanced classes are best for those with experience who want to extend their skill set or explore new mediums or techniques or simply practice their art or craft in a more structured manner in the company of other intermediate level artists.

We also have a comprehensive Children's Art Programme with after-school classes that focus on teaching art in a fun and practical way.  

To register for any of our Classes or Workshops please contact the office.


Children’s Art Classes - New Details Term 2

Mon Art: from May 7th for 8 weeks       Tutor: Margaret Taylor 

Time: 4- 5.30 pm   Cost: $95  Places: Full  Age: 9-12 yrs

Covers drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and textile art. Also explores the works of NZ Artists as inspiration. Students keep a visual diary to help chart their inspiration, ideas and class work.      

Tue Art: from May 8th for 8 weeks        Tutor: Margaret Taylor

Class 1) Time: 3.25–4.25pm  Cost: $85  Places: 4 Age: 5-7 yrs      Class 2) Time: 4.30–5.30pm  Cost: $85  Places: 4 Age: 8-10 yrs

Margaret Taylor - covers drawing, painting, collage and making. Class 1 focuses on fun exercises to stimulate each child's imagination. They learn about how to mix colours, which shapes work well for their pictures and the importance of line in art.

Class 2 extends the work from Class 1 through more self-directed activities and challenging assignments. They learn about how to design a painting or drawing to achieve a particular effect. They also learn the importance of balance, pattern and tone in their art work.

Tue Drawing: from May 8th for 8 weeks  Tutor: Lorraine Tarrant 

Class 1) Time: 3.30-4.30pm  Cost: $95  Places: 6  Age: 6-10 yrs  Class 2) Time: 4.30 5.30pm Cost: $110 Places: 8  Age: 11-16 yrs

Class 1 is a fun and very creative art class. Children are taught to observe objects carefully and draw based on that approach. The class will cover basic pencil skills like line, tone and texture and how to use these to produce good drawing work.

Class 2 helps students develop and extend their drawing skills through practice of techniques that help make a drawing look accurate and real. Students will learn how to improve their observational skills as a basis for effective drawing and practice drawing a range of different subjects to hone their observation. In both classes they will receive specific feedback and advice on improving and developing their technique.  

Thu Art: from May 10th for 8 weeks        Tutor: Margaret Taylor

Time: 3.30–4.30pm  Cost: $85 Places: 2   Age:  5-7 yrs 

The focus is on fun exercises to stimulate each child's imagination using drawing, painting, collage and making. Meanwhile they also learn about:

  • how to mix colours,
  • which shapes work well for their pictures and
  • the importance of line in art.

Thu Art: from May 10th for 8 weeks        Tutor: Julie Moonlight

Time: 4– 5.30 pm Cost: $95  Places: 4   Age: 8-12yrs

This class covers a broad range of mixed-media style art that incorporates drawing, painting, sculpture print-making and more to encourage and extend each child's art style.

Material Costs for all art classes are included in the fees.

Drawing class children get a book  on enrollment that should last about a year.  Other supplies are provided during class. If your child is very keen and active with their drawing and the book runs out before Term 4, a new one can be purchased from the tutor for $7.  Please email Margaret at the office for an enrollment form. 


Class:   Absolute Beginner Watercolour

Tutor:   Robyn Eastgate-Manning

Day:     Thursday  - TBC   Time:    Evening 7-9pm

Skill:    Designed for absolute beginners in watercolour.

Cost:    Members $145 Non-members $185 for 8 weeks.

Objective:  To provide a basic foundation in watercolour painting that enables you to develop your skills through practice outside of class time. Each week Robyn will demonstrate a different technique then lead you through an exercise that will help you to learn that technique.   The notes that you take and her feedback during the class will help give you confidence in applying that technique in your own time and to other subject matter.  Learn how to:

  • prepare your paint and paper for painting and sketch a loose outline to guide you in your painting
  • decide which brushes to use at different stages of the painting process and how to apply the paint
  • mix and apply a wash – various types, paint “wet-in-wet” or glaze your paint in layers
  • use “dry brush” technique to best effect.
  • develop soft and hard edges
  • mix a range of colours from your limited palette.
  • Students bring their own materials, some for sale through the office.

Class:   Advanced Beginner Watercolour

Tutor:   Robyn Eastgate-Manning

Day:    Wednesday TBC  Time:    Evening 7-9pm

Cost: Members $145 Non-members $185 for 8 weeks.

Skill:  This course is designed as the next step for early stage beginners who have mastered a few basic techniques.  Participants must complete the Absolute Beginners course before advancing to this one. It also suits anyone who needs a refresher after a break from watercolour painting who already have experience. Each week Robyn will reinforce existing techniques and also extend your skills by teaching new subject matter or techniques.  Students bring their own materials, we have basic paper, brushes and paint for sale through the office.

NEW NIGHT CLASS:  Absolute Beginners Drawing                  Tutor: Helen Casey 

Date:  Thursday 10 May- 28 June Time:  7-9pm  Cost: Members $145 and Non-members $165 (launch special)

Do you want to learn how to draw?   Helen is a local artist with her own successful gallery in Makara.  Most people would love to be able to draw what they see but believe that being able to draw well is only for the lucky few "gifted" with inborn talent.

In fact, drawing ability is dependent on learning how to 'see', being the result of many hours of observational practice.  The ability to express oneself artistically comes from having learned basic perceptual skills which develop from being willing to practice, paying attention, making lots of mistakes and learning from them. 

My lessons begin with basic drawing skills in pencil, learning to use line and tone through certain time tested exercises that train the mind and the eye to work together in order to see things 'as they are' so as to draw realistically. Students bring their own materials:

  • range of graphite pencils 2B-6B
  • A3 cartridge paper – 120gsm
  • kneadable eraser
  • blade or pencil sharpener.

NEW NIGHT CLASS:  Beginners Quilting Skills    Tutor: Ellie Bauer

Date:   Tuesday 8 May - 26 June  Time:  7-9pm 

Cost for 8 weeks:  Members $150 Non-members $170 (launch special) includes materials for week 1.

Have you ever wanted to try quilting? This course will teach you all the basic skills to embark on this fabulous hobby.  By the end of the course you will be confident with everything from colour choice to cutting, sewing and binding.  You will be able to tackle any beginners level quilt that inspires you. During the course you will also complete a beautiful table topper as your first quilted project. DO NOT purchase fabric for the course as week 1 materials are supplied in the fee and week 1 covers buying fabric.  Materials required:

  • A sewing machine in good working order
  • A 1/4 inch foot for quilting
  • A walking foot (not essential but very useful)
  • Scissors, pins and thread 
  • A rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler if you have them.


Class: Drawing - All Levels.    Ambitious beginners also welcome.  Tutor:  Helen Casey

Day:    Monday 7 May - 2 July  Time:  1—3pm                               (No class Monday 4th June Queen's Birthday) 

Cost for 8 weeks: Members $98 Non-members $145 

This class is designed for those with some experience in drawing, who have mastered the basics.  However, Helen can work with an ambitious beginner to further develop and extend their skills. Each week Helen will bring along a selection of items that the group will set up as a complex still life or similar subject matter to challenge their observation and rendering skills.  Students bring their own materials, listed below:

  • range of graphite pencils 2B-6B
  • A3 cartridge paper – 120gsm
  • kneadable eraser
  • blade or pencil sharpener.

Intermediate Watercolour       Tutor:   Robyn Eastgate-Manning

Day:  From Tuesday  8 May -26 June    Time:  9.30am to 12.30pm

Cost for 8 weeks: Members $100 Non-members $145 for 8 weeks

Do you want to loosen up your painting? Robyn is a practicing artist and experienced tutor. Her teaching encourages more experimental approaches and capturing the mood of an image.  Each week she demonstrates a technique that students can immediately apply to develop their skills. She also reviews work students have completed between class to  reinforce each week’s learning.  Students bring their own materials. 

Class: Acrylic/Oil Landscapes Tutor: Maria Bozina

When: Tuesday 8 May -26 June

Time:  1.00pm to 4.00pm

Cost for 8 weeks: Members $120 Non-members $160

Do you want to learn how to paint landscapes in Acrylic or Oils? Maria is an accomplished artist who teaches a wide range of techniques that will improve your abilities.  Landscape painting is challenging, so let Maria be your guide and learn:

  1. how to develop perspective and depth in your painting
  2. how to mix effective colours
  3. how to use tone and shade to provide interest in your painting
  4. how to depict light; in the sky, on the hills or sea.

This course suits those with painting, or drawing experience. However, it does not have to be in acrylic or oil.  Students bring their own materials and a list is available from the office.

Class:   Recreational Watercolour Class Tutor:   Barry Keate

Day: Friday 11 May - 29 June   Time:    1-4pm 

Cost: Members $80 Non-members $125 for 8 weeks

Do you want to learn how to paint Watercolour in great company?  Barry teaches beginners the basics of painting in this enjoyable medium.  Over a few weeks your ability and confidence will grow as you work through a range of exercises to build your skills.   Other who attend are those who enjoy a recreational style of painting in like-minded company. This is a great group to join for encouragement and support, whatever level of skill and experience you have. We also have a number of acrylic artists in the class, so if this time works better for you than the Tuesday acrylics class, do join the group.  Students bring their own materials and for those new to watercolour, a list is available from the office.


 Taking Collage beyond the Basics                     Tutor:    Rosemary Stokell

Days:   Friday 25th May  6.15-8.15pm and Sunday 27th May 9.30am to 4pm

Cost:  $95 members or $135 non-members

This is the natural follow on course for people that have completed Introduction to Collage.  In this one you will be combining what you have learnt from the first workshop with other media and taking the exercises to a further level. Again you will be surprised with the results and seeing them on the walls.

Karori Arts and Crafts in association with Karori Floral Art Society present Floral Art for Beginners Course

Tutors: Jenn Keenan, Masako Crawford and friends

Dates:     Mondays 28th May,  11th, 18th and 25th June  Time: 10 am to 12.30 pm (includes 15 minute clean-up)

Cost:      $55 for series or $25 per session, plus some materials

 Session 1 – make a centre piece for a table

  • learn principles of floral art design
  • learn how to arrange flowers with an emphasis on a horizontal arrangement
  • learn how to use a pin holder (more eco-friendly)

 Session 2 –make a vertical arrangement

  • reinforce the principles of floral design
  • learn how to arrange a floral design with a vertical emphasis on line

 Session 3 –make an ikebana floral arrangement

  • learn the principles of ikebana floral art design
  • learn how to arrange an ikebana style arrangement

 Session 4 – make a still-life type floral arrangement in your own vase

  • learn the principles of floral arranging for still-life, a more formal style that is suitable for an event, or to draw or paint
  • this may incorporate non-traditional objects and will use both vertical and horizontal design elements of floral art
  • you will also learn how to show off your special vase or vessel to best effect, possibly ready for sketching or painting afterwards.

 To enrol email Margaret at the office info@kacc.org.nzor call 476-6817. For more information contact Jenn Keenan on 476 7059