We have a range of Classes and Workshops open to members, and to non-members subject to available spaces. To become a member and receive priority bookings and discounted rates please refer to our Membership information.  Membership also entitles you to attend our untutored Activities

Check out our current Class and Workshop information below.  We have courses for those who want to know how to begin to paint, or draw, or quilt, or applique, or make cards.

Our range of advanced classes are best for those with experience who want to extend their skill set or explore new mediums or techniques or simply practice their art or craft in a more structured manner in the company of other intermediate level artists.

We also have a comprehensive Children's Art Programme with  after-school classes that focus on teaching art in a fun and practical way.  

To register for any of our Classes or Workshops please contact the office.



Wide range of techniques for 8-12 yr olds
Begins 16th October  4pm -5.30pm
$90 for 8 wks including materials.


An introduction to art for 
5-7yr olds
Begins 17th October  3.30pm -4.30 pm
Cost: $80 for 8 wks including materials.

Introduction for those learning to draw
Begins 17th October 
 3.30-4.30 pm
Cost: $90 for 8 wks including a visual diary for drawing.

Suitable for 11-16 yr olds at all levels including beginners.
Begins 17th October  4.35pm - 5.35pm
Cost: $105 for 8 wks includes a visual diary for drawing. 


An introduction to art for 5-7yr olds
Begins 19th October  3.45pm -4.45 pm
Cost: $80 for 8 wks including materials.

Creating imaginary animals & landscapes for 7-12 yr olds
Begins  19th October 4pm -5.30pm 
Costs $90 for 8 wks including materials.



Experienced artist Helen Casey will guide you through learning to draw or extending your existing drawing skills. Includes colour as well as graphite/pencil.   

Begins Monday 16th October -Mon 11th December, no class on 23rd October as Labour Day is a Public Holiday.  

Time:   1.30-3.00pm. 

Cost: $88 members and $115 non-members for 8 weeks.

Experienced artist Helen Casey will guide you through intermediate and advanced drawing lessons to refine and extend your drawing skills. for those who are keen to work in colour also includes tonal work, although graphite in various dry media will work just as well. This class is designed for those with some experience in drawing who have mastered the basics. Each week Helen will bring along a selection of items that the group will set up as a still life. At least one session will be set-up for portraiture with a model (model fee included).  

  • Monday 16 October 9.30am to 12.30pm
  • Monday 30 October 9.30am to 12.30pm
  • Monday 13 November 9.30am to 12.30pm
  • Monday 27 November 9.30am to 12.30pm

Cost: members: $120 for 4 sessions/$45 per casual session. Non-members $145 for 4 sessions/$50 per casual session.


Robyn Eastgate-Manning is a practicing artist and experienced tutor. Her teaching encourages more experimental approaches and capturing the mood of an image.  Each week she demonstrates a technique that students can immediately apply to develop their skills. She also reviews work students have completed between class to reinforce each week’s learning.  Students bring their own materials.

Begins Tuesday 17th October     9.30am to 12.30pm
Cost: $88 members and $115 non-members for 8 weeks

Talented artist Maria Bozina will teach you in either acrylic or oil painting. This class is suitable for beginners as Maria will guide you through all the steps necessary to develop your painting during the 8 weeks.  For more experienced artists, Maria will help you address any technical challenges that you face e.g. perspective, colour, glazing and varnishing.  Students bring their own materials - list available from the office. This term from Tuesday October 10th the focus will be on using modelling paste to paint 3D and textural effects.

Begins Tuesday 10 October, from  1-4pm
$120 members and $155 non-members for 8 weeks


This course is designed to provide a basic foundation in watercolour painting that enables you to develop your skills through practice outside of class time.  Each week Robyn your tutor will demonstrate a different technique then lead you through an exercise that will help you to learn that technique. The notes that she provides and her feedback during the class will help give you confidence in applying that technique in your own time and to other subject matter.  Learn how to:

  • prepare your paint and paper for painting and sketch a loose outline to guide you in your painting
  • decide which brushes to use at different stages of the painting process and how to apply the paint
  • mix and apply a wash – various types, paint “wet-in-wet” or glaze your paint in layers
  • use “dry brush” technique to best effect.
  • develop soft and hard edges
  • mix a range of colours from your limited palette.

Begins  Wednesday 18th October  7 - 9 pm
Cost: $145 members and $170 non-members for 8 weeks


Barry Keate teaches beginners the basics of painting in this enjoyable medium. Over a few weeks your ability and confidence will grow as you work through a range of exercises to build your skills.   Other who attend are men and women who enjoy a recreational style of painting in like-minded company. A great group to join for encouragement and support whatever level of skill and experience that you have. Students bring their own materials and a list is available from the office.

Begins Friday 20th October from   1.00pm -  4.00pm
Cost:$72 members and $95 non-members for 8 weeks


Introduction to Quilting - Janet Forbes                    August-September

Janet Forbes will run this popular workshop for beginners to learn the basics of cutting, piecing and quilting.  The workshop is run over two afternoons which is easier in terms of concentration and focus. Although the class is taught for a neonate quilt or table runner you can adapt the item to something on a smaller scale like a cushion.  Students bring their own materials and sewing machines.

Date:  This course began in July, although participants who can complete their first session by the end of August (on a one to one basis) may also join. Please contact the office to enroll in this valuable course.  The second 3 hour group session will be scheduled for early September.    Costs: Members $90     Non-members $145

Introduction to Lace-Making - Bridgett Parkin     16th and 17th September from 9.30am to 3.30pm

Learn the ancient art of how to make lace with Bridgett, an accomplished lace maker and experienced tutor.  She will build your confidence by teaching the basic stitches and ways of combining these to produce different lace patterns.  The advantage of our small class size is plenty of access to Brigdett's guidance and advice.  By the end of the weekend you will have developed basic lace-making skills.   As the equipment is specialised a kit is available from the tutor on the day for $50.  

Costs: Members $100 and Non-Members $120. 

cOming soOn


  1. Collage Part 2 with Rosemary Stokell . For those who have experience with collage or who completed Part 1 recently.
  2. Golden Bees with Anne Marie Moorhead - learn how to do gold work embroidery.
  3. Machine Thread Painting with Marian Scott-Rowe - let thread become your paint under Marian's guidance.
  4. Reflective Art Journaling with Pat Hay - explore your thoughts and emotions through creative expression within a journal.
  5. Reduction Linocut Printmaking with Julie Moonlight - for those who completed the introductory course. take your skills to the next step and learn how to make a reduction linocut then print this in 2 or 3 colours.