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Check out our current Class and Workshop information below.  We have courses for those who want to know how to begin to paint, or draw, or quilt, or applique, or make cards.

Our range of advanced classes are best for those with experience who want to extend their skill set or explore new mediums or techniques or simply practice their art or craft in a more structured manner in the company of other intermediate level artists.

We also have a comprehensive Children's Art Programme with  after-school classes that focus on teaching art in a fun and practical way.  

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Will resume from February 6th 2018. Information will be available from January 18th.


Will resume early February 2018. Information will be available from January 18th.


Reflective Art Journaling

Tutor:      Pat Hay

Day:            Saturday 25th November

Time:         10am to 4pm

Cost:         $80 members/$100 non-members

 This workshop will set you on a path to daily creativity in your art journal. Art journaling is a visual diary made up of images and words. It is a space where you can develop your creativity - where you can feel free, have fun exploring and experimenting without rules.   No special artistic talent or experience is required. Everyone goes about art journaling in their own way and develops their own style. You may have journal pages where ‘anything goes’ and also pages which may be finished art pieces.  Art journaling is also thought of as a place for ‘creative self-care’ and a tool for self-exploration where you can reflect on your thoughts, feelings and memories. 

In a safe and nurturing environment, you will be led through various processes to encourage a spontaneous and intuitive approach to working in the journal with opportunities for some personal reflection. You will also be shown examples of different approaches to inspire your own work.   Using a variety of different media (eg pastels, watercolour, collage) and techniques, you will be shown how to achieve different effects you can use in your own journal. Anything can feed into your journal - poetry, literature, music, ephemera.

Materials for Art Journaling include: A4 sketchbook, art materials you already have; watercolour paints, brushes, acrylics, oil or chalk pastels, old toothbrush, gesso, stamps, waxed baking paper to allow you to work on more than one page at once. A full list is available from the office.

Term 1 Workshops and Evening Classes for 2018 will be advised on January 18th.