Centre News

April 2018

We welcome Maria Bozina to our Committee following her election at Friday's AGM.  Maria tutors the oil and acrylic group on a Tuesday afternoon and is keen to help with the re-design of our Centre's logo.

Congratulations to all those who purchased fabric, threads, wool, fleece and more last Friday at our Heat Pump Fundraising Sale. You will be delighted to know that we raised $1,000 from that sale. Watch out for our art and craft book sale in April to raise even more funds for the cause.  You can also pre-order a 2018 Entertainment Book from the office which again supports our Heat Pump fund.

With better lighting has come an improved room layout to take advantage of the lights.  The large table has been spun around 90 degrees underneath a bank of new lights and has been well received by our painters, knitters and stitchers.  On the left-hand side of the room 3 sets of tables have been pushed against the wall to minimise the use of extension cords for those sewing with machines every Wednesday.

July 2017

Mid Year Art and Photography Exhibition

We thank Gordon Harris, Wellington Photographic Supplies, French Art Shop and this year’s judges; John Toft—President of Watercolour New Zealand and Simon Woolf—Karori Counsellor for enabling us to present a range of awards and prizes for this year’s exhibition. Many attendees noted how much our artwork has improved in recent years and the effort many artists go to present that work to best effect.

We congratulate the following category winners:

  •  Hugh Davies—best contemporary artwork for his black and white photo “stacked”.
  •  Delma Harper—best traditional artwork for her red, black, orange and white “Floral I”.
  •  Justin Blakie—best photo for his enigmatic red glowing “Sunset over Harbour”.
  •  Dean Gray -best drawing or print for his arresting Figure Drawing 1, sketched on red paper.

So next year if you want to win an award like Turner throw a bit of red into the mix. Seriously though, with 136 artworks to judge across all categories KACC certainly places Karori on the art map for many collectors. This year I took time to personally contact those people who purchased artwork in the last two years. My intention was to invite them to our opening as a thank-you for their support. However this year that effort also lead to 80% of our sales, most of which occurred in our opening weekend. With two purchasers coming back later in the week to purchase or commission another artwork.

I applaud the Camera Club and Portrait Club for contributing works that challenge and inspire us, as well as those studying in our classes.

Maria Bozina’s striking works also garnered a lot of attention, well done, Bullet is a captivating image and many people want to learn how to paint with that glass paint on wood, maybe a workshop waiting to happen!

Stella will draw the raffle while I am away but thanks to Andrew at New World and all the members who added goods to that haul. We know that Vincents and Pablos really appreciate our support. Julie Moonlight’s print “Out of the Wind” won the People’s Choice, we have a cheese and wine platter for you to celebrate that win. I hope you got a picture of it though because it also sold and has left the building.

To first-time sellers with KACC—Tim, Delma, Rob, Marylyn, Wendy and Sandra we share your joy I can attest that there is nothing quite like your first sale, relish the moment.